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WCAHF raises awareness of the genetic condition of Albinism at schools, University hospitals, churches the large community.

Educate teachers on the condition of albinism and facilities related to the genetic condition.

Educate the large community on the genetic condition of Albinism through drama, short story and documentary to end stigma and beliefs associated to the condition.


WCAHF works with hospitals to raise awareness of the genetic condition to alleviate trauma.

WCAHF liaises with hospital to understand the research on the genetic condition of Albinism.

WCAHF liaises with medical expert for counselling support.


WCAHF holds a monthly support group with person with albinism and parents to boost the self- esteem and motivate learners with Albinism to develop their personal skills.

Counsel and motivate parents of children with Albinism to seek more information related to Albinism and stand for the rights of the child with Albinism

Social Justice

WCAHF educates the large community to end beliefs and superstitions related to the condition of Albinism.

WCAHF works with churches to educate the large community.

WCAHF Promotes acceptance of Albinism condition and equal opportunities.

WCAHF Promotes and inform stakeholders on the reasonable accommodation of person with Albinism

Human Rights

WCAHF conducts seminars to educate members on the equal opportunity mentioned in the bill of rights and the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act (PEPUDA)

WCAHF promotes the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) ratified by the Republic of South Africa

WCAHF advocates for the rights of persons with Albinism

Skills Development

WCAHF promotes the spirits of entrepreneurship to encourage person with albinism to develop their skills in various fields.

WCAHF empowers woman with Albinism to develop their skills through small business

WCAHF empowers persons with Albinism through computer literacy and drama

WCAHF empowers youth with Albinism to contribute to the development of Arts and music.

WCAHF empowers persons with Albinism to conduct researches genetic condition.

WCAHF empowers person with albinism to publish booklets, short story, drama and documentary to create a documentary centre on Albinism condition in the province.